Am 4.3.2017, es ist ein Samstag, findet meine Vernissage im Kulturaggregat ( in der Hildastr.5 in Freiburg statt.

Wer was Neues sehen möchte, sollte kommen (limited und open editions). Es gibt neben meinen schon bekannten Bildern auch ein paar Neuheiten, die noch niemand (nein nein niemand, keiner, top secret) kennt. Ich bin gespannt auf Eure Meinungen dazu.

Nehmt Freunde mit..das ist eine Ausstellung die Spaß machen soll!!

Ich hoffe auf einen inspirierenden Abend mit vielen surrealen Erscheinungen...ganz nach meinem Geschmack!

Wer es nicht zur Vernissage schafft, hat bis zum 29.3. Zeit die Bilder zu sehen.


From start to finish....

Ein kleines vorher/nachher...

As you know I usually do a lot of self-portraiture and somehow it´s easier to me to tell a story if I am the one who is in the picture.This is a comissioned work and I totally improvised while I was editing. There are two totally different ways how I create my photos. Some have a concept/story and even a title in advance, so I just have to fill the blank space, knowing exactly what to do, but sometimes I just let it flow like in this case without having a clue how the result will turn out. In this cases I have to find the story/meaning after finishing it. Both ways are very interesting to me, I couldn´t tell which way I prefer. The only thing I knew I wanted to do with that photo, was to try a double exposure effect, because I wanted to do for so long and to create a painterly look. I was thinking about it and looked out of the window (I was dreaming somehow..) and then I saw these beautiful clouds and knew they would be an important part of this work.

Sometimes I am struggeling with the picture while editing, but this time I enjoyed it very much. It was flowing so nicely.. I am not able to express how much I love doing it. When it really flows, I forget everything around me. In this state of mind I am in the picture and nowhere else. It´s strange how I always include my current mood into my work, even when I don´t have such an intention. I can see it very clearly here. I was not really here over the last weeks, I walked around with "my head in the clouds", couldn´t respond to messages as easy as usual and do my daily routine.  So even that is no self-portraiture, there is a lot of me in it. I don´t know if other people can see it my way, if you can see it my way, but it doesn´t matter so much. It matters that you like it or not. Maybe it tells you something else? Or it tells you nothing, but you like looking at it.

Model: Camille van Een


Hello there, first video on my YouTube channel!

I am planning lots of videos for the this is only for the beginning. Some kind of introduction to my work mostly for people who don´t know me yet. So please forgive me, it takes five minutes :)

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Hope you enjoy this new part of my work as much as I do!



Janine Machiedo Photography


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