Greedy tuesday everyone!
Melinda Dolores in "Greed" (Avaritia)...
Second part of the "seven deadly sins" series.
2015 self-portrait

Hello all!!!
Today is a good day, because today I wanna introduce you to "Melinda Dolores and her seven deadly sins"!!! Melinda is one of a kind! She never leaves her home, has some special roommates, her own distinctive style and she always knows what she wants...

She will guide you through the whole series, so you´ll get a good insight into her way of life!! Enjoy...
Monday: Meet Melinda Dolores in "Pride" (chapter one) - (Self-portrait) 2015

Feel free to share and tell the world about Melinda Dolores!!!

If you have any questions about Melinda, do't hesitate to ask.

Ok, one more with the envious bird.

Just for fun!

November is knocking on our door. It´s getting colder, colors disappear. Let us invite him as our guest, because he is the last one for this year who feeds us with red, orange & yellow all in beautiful, delicate pastel...



Janine Machiedo Photography


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